20 June 2014

Survitec Norway AS has entered into a close partnership with Redningsselskapet, the Norwegian Society for Sea Rescue, a cooperation that includes a two year sponsorship deal along with an agreement to supply safety equipment.

In addition, Redningsselskapet, which is Norway’s equivalent of the Royal National Lifeboat Institute (RNLI), will replace all Viking rafts on their vessels in favour of Survitec branded rafts. The parties will also cooperate on further developments of Sjøredningsskolen (the equivalent to the RLNI academy) owned by Redningsselskapet, where Survitec products will be used for training activities. The partnership will subsequently see the Norwegian body supporting the testing of Survitec Group products.

Managing Director of Survitec Norway AS, Bente Storhaug Dahl said, “We are privileged by the partnership and it is a natural choice for us in Survitec Norway to support the impressive work enforced by Redningsselskapet. We are proud of being associated with such a reputable and professional organisation as we both have a common goal in preventing accidents and by supplying products and services to save lives when such accidents occur. This shared philosophy provides an added dimension to this cooperation.”

The agreement was reached at the same time as one of the new boats for teaching local children was named in Ålesund on June 19th. The boat was named Crewsaver to symbolise both the collaboration and the commercial and leisure marine brand under the Survitec Group umbrella.

“Through donating this new children’s boat we hope to increase both children’s and adult’s awareness of the importance of safety at sea. We have a long coastline inviting both children and adults to activities and valuable memories and we hope to contribute to teaching them how to prevent fatal accidents. We simply cannot afford to lose even one,” said Sales and Marketing Manager Bjørn Nogva.

Prior to the newly formed partnership, Survitec Norway had been a supplier to Redningsselskapet. As Survitec Group has grown, so too has the range of products and services available to support customers and organisations such as Redningsselskapet in a much greater way.