1 April 2014

Developed in conjunction with major rescue organisations the Crewsaver Fire Retardant 290N offers a level of protection that is unmatched across today’s market. A unique fire-proof wrap around system that runs around the edge of the jacket provides added protection to the zip and Velcro from embers, giving the jacket a longevity that is unparalleled.

Inside the jacket a symmetrical design of the front chambers give extremely good turning ability in the event of the wearer being face down and incapacitated in the water, even when wearing heavy clothing. In addition, it lifts the head further from the water whilst maintaining its optimum angle.

User comfort has been one of the essential design briefs in the development of the lifejacket. Ergonomically designed to work with your body’s contours the Fire Retardant290N lifejacket is short, light & compact. The total freedom of movement that this design gives means this is a lifejacket you will forget you are wearing in the working environment.