16 June 2014

Crewsaver launches new Immersion Suit range at Seawork

Crewsaver is proud to announce its new range of three brand new immersion suits - the Endurance 140N, the Endurance and the Latitude 140N.

The waterproof, thermally insulated suits are designed to keep crew alive in the water after abandoning ship or evacuating an offshore rig in an emergency situation. Crewsaver supplies high-quality immersion suits to many of the world’s shipping lines and oil and gas enterprises.

Regulations for cargo ships and bulk carriers trading outside the parallels 20ºN or 20ºS require one fully approved immersion or abandonment suit to be carried for each crew member.


Crew Endurance

Crewsaver’s brand new Neoprene Immersion Suit is made from the latest fire-retardant, oil-resistant waterproof 5mm neoprene fabric designed for to give crew the optimum chance of survival in cold water.

Providing outstanding thermal protection, this totally watertight suit locks in heat and maintains the core body temperature at a safe level for a minimum of six hours*.

Fully SOLAS and MED compliant, its seams are tested for waterproof integrity and the zip is military-tested. Integral three-finger gloves allow dexterity in emergency escape situations.

The suit can be unpacked and donned in under two minutes.


Crew Endurance 140N

This top of-the-range suit shares the superior quality construction of the Neoprene suit with added safety features for survival in the most extreme conditions.

Visitors to the Seawork show will be first to see Crewsaver’s new head and face support and protection system. A foam head-support keeps the head above water while a double-layer 5mm neoprene face flap is fully integrated with the tailored hood to retain maximum warmth.

Its safety aids will help rescuers find the wearer of this highly visible, bright red suit. There’s a pocket for a personal locator beacon and retro-reflective tape and a whistle to draw the rescue services’ attention. The Optimum suit’s sturdy integrated lifting strop with stainless steel D-ring allows quicker retrieval from the water at a time when every second counts.

Designed for ultimate durability and heat retention the Crewsaver Emdurance 140N has been rigorously tested and proven to maintain the core body temperature at a level that drops by no more than 2ºC within six hours*


Crew Latitude 140N

Made from tough, flexible Terylene + TPU fabric with a waterproof zip this lighter-weight suit shares many features with the Latitude 140N, and offers a alternative to a neoprene suit for those operating in warmer climates.

With 140N of buoyancy there is no need to don a lifejacket, saving vital seconds when abandoning ship. The suit can be unpacked and donned in under 2 minutes.

Its outstanding thermal protection matches that of the Crewsaver Optimum and Neoprene Survival Suits: in tests it maintains the core body temperature is at a safe level for a minimum of six hours*

An integral foam head-support and 5mm neoprene face seal improve potential survival time by keeping the face protected and above water.

Fully SOLAS and MED compliant it features adjustable ankle straps, 5mm neoprene gloves, a whistle, buddy line, lifting strop and reflective tape. An optional light can also be fitted. 


* typical wearer’s core drops by no more than 2ºC within six hours in calm water of 0-2ºC.

The three suits come in sizes Medium, Large and Extra Large.