2 April 2012

Survive, be found and get recovered

It is what’s inside the ErgoFit that will save your life. Drawing upon expertise gained from developing search and rescue lifejackets, Crewsaver presents the new ErgoFit collection.

Survive – a turn speed of less than two seconds and unrivalled freeboard of an average of 40 percent* more than the standard requirement, the ErgoFit will double your survival chances even when wearing multiple layers of ocean clothing.
Be found – The Ergofit lifejacket can be integrated with a PLB or AIS system. Coupled with a SOLAS approved light (190cs optional) whistle and reflective tape ensures you are located quickly.
Get recovered – When you are found it is critical to get you out of the water as soon as possible, and accessible twin lifting points are incorporated on the front of the ErgoFit for ease of recovery.
The Ultimate Lifejacket Collection comprises the ErgoFit 290 Ocean, ErgoFit 190 Offshore and ErgoFit 190 Coastal.

ErgoFit 290 Ocean

Performance without compromise

Designed for extreme conditions, waves breaking over the deck, large amounts of airborne spray wearing full ocean-layered clothing ideal for the serious ocean sailor who is exposed to the full fury of the elements and refuses to compromise on safety.

ErgoFit 190 Offshore

Security as standard

Ideal for the offshore sailor sailing in moderate airborne spray, wearing standard ocean clothing. Suitable for all those that venture offshore either by sail or power, and require extra security to stay safe whatever the conditions.

ErgoFit 190 Coastal

Top-spec security at an affordable price

Made for those operating in costal conditions, small waves, some airborne spray, wearing costal clothing. Enjoys the same high level of construction, style and comfort as the ErgoFit 290 Ocean and 190 Offshore giving you the reassurance of a professional quality jacket for recreational boating.