1 May 2013

A hybrid, general purpose, waistcoat style lifejacket designed for operating in an environment where frequent water immersion is probable. Moving on from our traditional lifejacket the ‘Harvester’, the Evolution 250N provides a more modern design giving the user additional buoyancy, comfort and manoeuvrability.

Constructed with 60N of inherently buoyant foam and 190N quick turn inflation chamber provides the user with the benefits of a buoyancy aid and the increased safety solution of a lifejacket. Manual options allow the wearer to enter and operate in the water safely remaining buoyant under the 60N of foam with the option to inflate the lifejacket if required. Automatic options provide a top safety solution should the wearer fall into the water.  The waistcoat style lifejacket includes open side panels to promote air circulation and a front zipped and waist belt with secured front buckle. Easy forward pull adjustment and lower adjustable security belt reduces the ride up of the jacket.


  • Dual lifting beckets
  • Dual crutch straps with back stowage pocket
  • Back haulage handle
  • Heavy gauge YKK quick burst zipped chamber cover
  • 2 layer abrasion resistant, wipe clean, foam lined impact protective chamber cover
  • Dual front cargo pocket
  • Knife sheath pocket
  • Ability to incorporate AIS or PLB systems
  • Reflective tape to aid visibility
  • Universal size suitable for adult sizes A single chamber jacket which uses a 38g CO2 cylinder that can be removed from the jacket for service and repair when required. Available in UML Automatic or Manual with optional SOLAS approved light.