2 July 2014

The Coxless Crew, four women who will be achieving a world first by rowing 8,446 miles unsupported across the Pacific Ocean in 2015, from America to Australia, and in the process aim to raise half a million pounds for their two charities Walking With the Wounded and Breast Cancer Care.

During the row the girls will have aboard numerous amounts of integral safety equipment including a 6man, over 24hour Crewsaver ISO Ocean Liferaft and ErgoFit 290N Extreme lifejackets designed specifically for use offshore, as well as numerous safety accessories including safety knifes and throw bags.

Prior to the challenge the girls will participate in some intense training days at Crewsaver HQ to make sure they are able to look after their safety equipment when out at sea.  This will include general care and maintenance of all products, how to repack and rearm their lifejackets, and a better understand how their products work.

The girls have already started the adventure through their training to help them prepare for the challenge, most recently a 9 hour row across the Solent to the Isle of White.  This has given them a great opportunity to test out the new kit, 'our ErgoFit lifejackets are super comfy and most certainly make us feel much safer when going offshore,' quoted Laura Penhaul skipper of the crew. 

More about the ErgoFit lifejacket

Key features designed into the ErgoFit lifejackets to help keep the Coxless Crew safe should they unexpectedly fall in include:

  • Inflatable chin support, tilts your head back, keeps your airways clear and helps to stop water coming onto your face
  • Slim line profile around the shoulders aiding maneuverability
  • Unique buoyancy distribution, keeping you as high out of the water as possible and aiding turning speed
  • Lifting beckets making it easy for the team to pull you back into safety

Numerous accessories including, light, spray hood and whistle.