Artemis Racing BA2


Crewsaver, Technical Supplier of Artemis Racing is proud to introduce its pioneering new buoyancy aid designed exclusively with Artemis Racing for the prestigious 35th America’s Cup.  As part of the exciting safety collaboration with Artemis Racing, Crewsaver developed the Artemis Racing BA2 50N buoyancy aid. 

The extreme foiling catamarans on which the team operates create a challenging environment requiring the very best in cutting edge performance from its safety equipment. The bespoke Artemis Racing BA2 50N has a removable Force Field CE level 2 full back protector, whilst articulated high density foam also protects the team’s front and sides from impact. 

BA2 50N is designed to be used in conjunction with a compressed air carbon cylinder and regulator. The cylinder is positioned on the back covered by a super-stretch neoprene pocket to reduce drag and snag risks. The low pressure hose runs over the shoulder and is protected by a neoprene shoulder panel with a burst zip for ease of release. The second stage with mouthpiece is located in a custom 3D pouch on the chest of the buoyancy aid for hands free access allowing full freedom of movement for the wearer.

In addition BA2 offers a low profile with stretch-to-fit designs and approved to the CE ISO 12402 standard. High visibility shoulder panels and various equipment attachment points provide easy access to safety knives and communication equipment. The concealed rear pocket found on each buoyancy aid also offers great storage for a hydration pack where the shoulder panels act as a secure hydration tube exit.

Airflow technology has been applied throughout and has been combined with stretch mesh side panels to allow the transfer of heat. This technology will help the team to regulate their body temperature during the exertions of racing in a range of climates.


Testimonials from Artemis Racing

Iain Percy, Team Manager for Artemis Racing, “Technology and innovation in the America’s Cup have taken a huge step forward over the last few years, but the technology for commercially available safety equipment did not meet our team's needs.  With Crewsaver, we wanted to find a supplier able to develop a best in class series of equipment that meets the demands of this new era of performance sailing. Crewsaver’s dedication to this project has impressed us all and we are extremely proud of the collaboration.”

Artemis Racing’s Safety Officer and three times Olympian, Anthony Nossiter “We understand the dangers of racing these high performance catamarans at 40+ knots, and the safety of the guys on board is our number one priority which is why Crewsaver are our number one choice.”