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Which lifejacket?
All gas lifejackets can also be
inflated by blowing into the
oral tube.
Harness options
Inflation options
The Hammar Inflator gives excellent protection from
random activation caused by moisture, rain or wave
splash. This is achieved by protecting the water sensitive
element with a hydrostatic valve, which operates when
submerged in over 20cm of water and, depending upon
the lifejacket style, held there for between 2 to 3 seconds.
Hammar works on water pressure, only operating when
submerged in 20cm of salt or fresh water
Limits the possibility of an accidental inflation, even in
extreme conditions
Cylinder is mounted on the inside of the lifejacket inflation
Inflation occurs automatically when the capsule is
Capsule fires within 5 seconds of entry into water
Mechanism pierces cylinder, inflating the lifejacket
Can also be inflated as manually
Our manual lifejackets will only inflate when you pull
the manual pull cord, this option allows the wearer to
swim without the lifejacket being activated automatically.
This can be useful if you expect to launch or tend a craft
in calm waters.
Pull lanyard
CO2 cylinder is fired
Lifejacket inflates
Delivers full buoyancy in approximately 5 seconds
In addition to best practice
of wearing a lifejacket at
all times, the wearing of
a deck safety harness
while on a sailing yacht is
mandatory at night under
RORC (Royal Ocean
Racing Club) regulations
and highly recommended
by all safety at sea
organisations whenever
there is rough weather.
The non-harness version
is recommended for
situations where being
attached to the boat is
more dangerous than
floating free in the water.
Powerboats, speed boats
and RIBS (Rigid Inflatable
Boats) are all examples
where being towed
alongside at high speed
would be dangerous. The
fitting of a safety light on
non-harness lifejackets is highly
recommended. Non-harness
lifejackets are lighter in weight
and do not have metal fittings or
a safety line attachment point.
Hammar Automatic
The Pro-Sensor inflation system provides the user one
point of status indication, to confirm that the unit has
been automatically or manually activated. The unit also
provides the added benefit of detecting if the CO2
cylinder has been pierced, eradicating the possibility of
accidentally fitting an empty gas cylinder.
Standard Automatic
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