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Crewsaver leisure range
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These are the highest
performance lifejackets
available from Crewsaver
approved to 275N and are
designed for offshore and
ocean use.
Their high buoyancy offers
maximum protection
when in severe weather
conditions and are also the
lifejacket of choice when
wearing heavy waterproof
or foul weather clothing.
165N-150N Inflatable
These lifejackets are ideal for
everyday use including cruising
in coastal and offshore waters
in clear weather conditions.
Approved to 150N this category
includes the range of Crewfit
165N - 150N inflatable lifejackets,
adult and junior sizes. The junior
Crewfit model is suitable for
younger crew members, aged
from around 6 to 12 years old.
Approved to 150N
standards, these
Crewsaver lifejackets
provide more support
than the standard 150N
models, whilst maintaining
minimal bulk. Suitable
for: inshore, coastal and
offshore use.
150N Air Foam
These jackets come in either a
foam only option offering 150N
of inherent, permanent buoyancy
or 150N air foam option offering
100N inherent permanent
buoyancy with the option to
inflate to 150N if required.
100N Foam
These products are great for
sheltered and coastal waters and
can be seen on the river bank,
canal side, beach or marina. The
100N foam lifejacket has inherent
buoyancy provided by integral
foam, giving instant reassurance
and security.
Buoyancy Rating
Whatever your circumstances,
be sure to choose your lifejacket
carefully. Whether you are selecting
for yourself, your family, your
crew or your work colleagues,
you should consider worst-case
scenarios and the type of lifejacket
everyone should be wearing for
their ultimate safety overboard in
that environment.
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