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Crewsaver leisure range
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Expert Design
Crewsaver’s expert designers
work closely with the most
experienced lifeboat crews, as
well as elite round-the-world
racers used to pushing their
limits within the extreme wind
and wave conditions of the
Southern Ocean.
With their unique insight we are
able, step by step, to refine every
aspect of our lifejackets’ design
and construction.
We feed these innovations directly
into each of our lifejacket ranges,
whether for commercial or leisure
use, ensuring that whatever your
reason for being afloat, your safety
is never compromised.
Materials and Fabrics
Whether you seek comfort, functionality, approval,
reliability, longevity or strength, we have a
Crewsaver lifejacket to suit you.
Our design team carefully chooses the best and most
appropriate materials for each product, ensuring the
ultimate in comfort and longevity for the individual
environment. We then combine our in depth know-how
with the latest technology to construct quality products
which offer you the best possible performance.
Firing Mechanisms
Crewsaver works tirelessly with the world’s leading
firing mechanism manufacturers to ensure that all
the units we use offer the best possible performance
within each individual lifejacket design.
In addition, we are proud to have introduced the
Pro-Sensor Mk3 operating head into our lifejackets as the
culmination of a project with one of our valued suppliers.
With an improved mechanism, the head operates in less
than a second of coming into contact with water. Just
as importantly, it also includes a new anti-tamper locking
system. We have combined the Pro-Sensor Mk3 with the
MK5i capsule, which incorporates a new sealing method
to help prevent inadvertent firings.
Bladder Technology
Our design philosophy begins with approval
standards. To this we add the Crewsaver difference
brought about by our complete understanding of
both daily life and emergency survival in extreme
marine environments.
All of our products are designed, tried and tested with real life
situations in mind, allowing you to rely on them completely.
For example, all of our lifejacket bladders are designed
ergonomically for every day use but without compromise
for your survival in the very worst scenarios. In normal
conditions, the 3D sculptured shaping gives you maximum
comfort and our sculpted sides allow you to move freely and
without hindrance. However should an emergency arise and
you find yourself in the water, you’ll find our unique designs
inflate quickly and reliably. They have buoyancy distribution
to keep your mouth well above the water, known as mouth
freeboard, and top of the range turning properties to safely
float you on your back. Our inflatable chin support will also
help to keep your airways clear.
Why choose Crewsaver?
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